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Declaration (II) by the Government of Japan

8 September 1951

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    With respect to the Treaty of Peace signed this day, the Government of Japan makes the following Declaration:

    1. Except as otherwise provided in the said Treaty of Peace, Japan recognizes the full force of all presently effective multilateral international instruments to which Japan was a party on September 1, 1939, and declares that it will, on the first coming into force of the said Treaty, resume all its rights and obligations under those instruments. Where, however, participation in any instrument involves membership in an international organization of which Japan ceased to be a member on or after September 1, 1939, the provisions of the present paragraph shall be dependent on Japan's readmission to membership in the organization concerned.

    2. It is the intention of the Japanese Government formally to accede to the following international instruments within the shortest practicable time, not to exceed one year from the first coming into force of the Treaty of Peace:
    (1) Protocol opened for signature at Lake Success on December 11, 1946, amending the agreements, conventions, and protocols on narcotic drugs of January 23, 1912, February 11, 1925, February 19, 1925, July 13, 1931, November 27, 1931, and June 26, 1936;
    (2)  Protocol opened for signature at Paris on November 19, 1948, bringing into international control drugs outside the scope of the convention of July 13, 1931, for limiting the manufacture and regulating the distribution of narcotic drugs, as amended by the protocol signed at Lake Success on December 11, 1946;
    (3) International Convention on the Execution of Foreign Arbitral Awards signed at Geneva on September 26, 1927;
    (4) International Convention relating to Economic Statistics with protocol signed at Geneva on December 14, 1928, and Protocol amending the International Convention of 1928 relating to Economic Statistics signed at Paris on December 9, 1948;
    (5) International Convention relating to the Simplification of Customs Formalities, with protocol of signature, signed at Geneva on November 3, 1923;
    (6) Agreement of Madrid of April 14, 1891, for the Prevention of False Indications of Origin of Goods, as revised at Washington on June 2, 1911, at the Hague on November 6, 1925, and at London on June 2, 1934;
    (7) Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to International Transportation by Air, and additional protocol, signed at Warsaw on October 12, 1929;
    (8) Convention on Safety of Life at Sea opened for signature at London on June 10, 1948;
    (9) Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949, for the protection of war victims.

    3. It is equally the intention of the Japanese Government, within six months of the first coming into force of the Treaty of Peace, to apply for Japan's readmission to participation in (a) the Convention on International Civil Aviation opened for signature at Chicago on December 7, 1944, and, as soon as Japan is itself a party to that convention, to accept the International Air Services Transit Agreement also opened for signature at Chicago on December 7, 1944; and (b) the Convention of the World Meteorological Organization opened for signature at Washington on October 11, 1947.

DONE at the city of San Francisco this Eighth day of September 1951.

Hayato IKEDA
Muneyoshi TOKUGAWA


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Source: United Nations Treaty Series 1952 (reg. no. 1832), pp. 146-158.