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H. Res. 3707

    H. Res. 3707 was introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Douglas K. Bereuter (R-NE) on 29 February 2000. It became Public Law 106-212 on 26 May 2000.

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2d Session

H. RES. 3707

To authorize funds for the site selection and construction of a facility in Taipei, Taiwan suitable for the mission of the American Institute in Taiwan.


February 29, 2000

Mr. BEREUTER introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations


To authorize funds for the site selection and construction of a facility in Taipei, Taiwan suitable for the mission of the American Institute in Taiwan.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `American Institute in Taiwan Facilities Enhancement Act'.


The Congress finds that--

(1) in the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 (22 U.S.C. 3301 et seq.), the Congress established the American Institute in Taiwan (hereafter in this Act referred to as `AIT'), a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the District of Columbia, to carry out on behalf of the United States Government any and all programs, transactions, and other relations with Taiwan;

(2) the Congress has recognized AIT for the successful role it has played in sustaining and enhancing United States relations with Taiwan;

(3) the Taipei office of AIT is housed in buildings which were not originally designed for the important functions that AIT performs, whose location does not provide adequate security for its employees, and which, because they are almost 50 years old, have become increasingly expensive to maintain;

(4) the aging state of the AIT office building in Taipei is neither conducive to the safety and welfare of AIT's American and local employees nor commensurate with the level of contact that exists between the United States and Taiwan;

(5) because of the unofficial character of United States relations with Taiwan, the Department of State is not responsible for funding the construction of a new office building for the Taipei office of AIT;

(6) AIT has made a good faith effort to set aside funds for the construction of a new office building, but these funds will be insufficient to construct a building that is large and secure enough to meet AIT's current and future needs; and

(7) because the Congress established AIT and has a strong interest in United States relations with Taiwan, the Congress has a special responsibility to ensure that AIT's requirements for safe and appropriate office quarters are met.


(a) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS- There is authorized to be appropriated the sum of $75,000,000 for plans for, acquisition of a new site for, and construction of, a new facility in Taipei, Taiwan, for AIT to carry out its purposes under the Taiwan Relations Act.

(b) PURPOSES- Funds made available under subsection (a) may be used only for the purposes of--

(1) the acquisition of property, facilities and, if necessary, any residences or other structures located in close physical proximity to such facilities, and

(2) the provision of security enhancements to AIT to the extent necessary to bring the United States Government into compliance with all requirements applicable to the security of United States diplomatic facilities.

(c) AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS- Amounts appropriated pursuant to subsection (a) are authorized to remain available until expended.


Passed the House of Representatives March 28, 2000.

Attest: Clerk.


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Source: THOMAS